Open Afternoon Thursday 5th April

Ajahn SumedhoOpen Afternoon Thursday 5th April (2.00-3.30pm)

Film: ‘The Nature of Self’: Continuing the teachings of Theravada monk, Ajahn Sumedho, we will be showing a second talk given by him in 2017 at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.

Ajahn Sumedho speaks of reflecting on the nature of self, of realising that consciousness is always present and yet cannot be identified as a thing that has come into existence. He makes the point that the eightfold path is not a path of steps and stages where one eventually reaches the goal, but as something in the here and now as one realisation, as eightfold, something complete in itself.

This is a great talk by a great teacher, and is not to be missed.

The film runs for approximately one hour and will be followed by discussion and tea.

All welcome.

Theravada Buddhism in Totnes, Devon

Buddhist film at the Golden Buddha Centre, Totnes, The Grove, TQ9 5EP

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