Open Afternoon Thursday 7th November (2.00-3.30pm)

Open Afternoon Thursday 7th November (2.00-3.30pm):

KrishnamurtiFilm: J. Krishnamurti was brought from India to England as a teenager in 1911 as ‘the new messiah’ by a group of Theosophists. It was some years later that Krishnamurti repudiated this title saying that he was not the messiah nor was he bound by any philosophy or tradition. He did, however, find his own spiritual voice and presented his understanding entirely free of ritual and religious jargon, thus ironically becoming one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time. This short biography was filmed at his last public teachings in England in 1985 and is interlaced with old footage of key moments when he made a bid for independence and freedom from the Theosophists.

As well as this there will be three short films: (1) The day in the life of a Zen monk; (2) ‘Just sitting’ by a Japanese Zen monk living in America; and (3) A Tibetan monk on lucid dreaming.

The entire programme runs for about fifty minutes and will be followed by discussion and tea. All welcome.

Categories: Golden Buddha Centre


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