Open Afternoon Thursday 9th January (2.00-3.30pm)

BuddhaFilm: Mindah-Lee Kumar takes us through five suttas from the Pali Canon, teachings which not only carry deep meaning, but also have an ironic and somewhat amusing side to them. [Mindah is an Australian-born practitioner who has spent many years as a student of Theravada and Tibetan Buddhism, some of which were as a nun in the Tibetan tradition. After disrobing, she continues her Buddhist life and work to the full under the website name ‘Enthusiastic Buddhist’.]

The programme includes three further film clips: ‘The Four Noble Truths’ by Hiphughes. This, one might refer to as a modern-day hip presentation of the Buddha’s earliest teaching. The next is an extremely short and beautiful clip ‘Trek the Mountains of Khumbu, Nepal’. And finally an animation ‘Misguided Monk’ which most of us could probably, in one way or another, identify with in our own lives.

The programme runs for about 45 minutes and is followed by discussion and tea. All welcome.

Categories: Golden Buddha Centre


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