Open Afternoon Thursday 6th February (2.00-3.30pm)

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Open Afternoon Thursday 6th February (2.00-3.30pm):

Film: Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, a Tibetan monk of the Kagyu tradition, speaks about replacing the usual habitual pattern of ourselves with an innate quality of wisdom and compassion, buddha-nature. ‘This,’ he says, ‘is a direct way of transforming our habitual tendencies. Why do we find it difficult? Because we identify too much with what we are: “I cannot be anybody but this old, fat monk!” The point is, I have to transcend that. I can either feel the negative side of me, or the positive side of me. Knowing the essence of the true nature of myself is very important. It is a question of learning that what I am myself is not an independent thing; it is not solid; its nature is emptiness and clear light and can manifest anything.

‘The more we understand what we are, the more we are not so much affected by what is around us; we become free from attachments. The more we know that, the more we know how to act and react. It is not too much about having strange experiences, experiences that we are not having now.’

Ringu Tulku then answers questions from the audience. He does this in a refreshingly honest and straightforward way, touching on some sensitive areas.

The film runs for approximately one hour and will be followed by tea. All welcome.

Categories: Golden Buddha Centre


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