Open Afternoon Thursday 5th March (2.00-3.30pm)

Wabi-SabiThree films: First, a short film on something called Wabi Sabi’, which means ‘finding beauty in something old or shoddy; it is a term derived from the Zen approach of respecting what seems to be damaged, and might be applied to the repair of broken pots, or to the repair or refurbishment of anything scarred, vulnerable and imperfect, including ourselves and those around us.

Ayya KhemaThe second is a film of Ayya Khema (1923-1997) recounting her years as a German-born Jewish girl during WWII, and then in later years as a wife and mother, and finally as a Theravadan Buddhist nun. [Ayya Khema also became a bhikkhuni (a fully ordained woman) which is rare in the Theravada tradition, though is being taken up more these days. Ayya Khema, being a dynamic and down-to-earth person, took it in her stride, despite the criticism she was subjected to, and was highly regarded in the west.]

The final film, a talk by Nukunu Larsen, a Danish man who was drawn to the devotional Indian gurus and practices. More than anything, however, he loves meditation and is really a free spirit. In this talk, he speaks on the great teachings of Chan (Zen) Master Huang Po and gives a heartfelt commentary on its essential meaning.

The films run for approximately fifty minutes and will be followed by tea.

All welcome.


Buddhism in Totnes.

Categories: Golden Buddha Centre


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