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Suggestions for this weeks class

For this Friday’s lesson I have received the following suggestions:

  1. From Kathy, to go through the vocabulary of the “Universal mental factors” of the Abhidhamma. There is more than one version, but we could use this one:

Seven universal mental factors

The seven universal mental factors (sabbacittasādhāraṇa cetasikas) are common (sādhāraṇa) to all consciousness (sabbacitta). Bhikkhu Bodhi states: “These factors perform the most rudimentary and essential cognitive functions, without which consciousness of an object would be utterly impossible.”[11]

These seven factors are:

 And what does the word “abhidhamma” really mean?

  1. From Diana:

Sampajañña as in sati-sampajañña.

For this last, you could look at this very recent clip of Ajahn Sumedho:

The relevant part is between 16.50 minutes and 25.15 minutes.

  1. Time permitting, to look at the root √jīv and derivatives:

√jīv Skt jīvati = to live

  • jīvita “that which is lived” = life (and see in the above list of cetasikas) 
  • jīvite nirveda/nibbidā = distaste/disgust for life
  • jīva

(a)      alive: yāva-jīva-sukha

(b)     living being (jīva-loka)

(c)      the “jīva” – the “soul” (in Hinduism)

(d) life

  • jīvikā: life; livelihood

          yāva-jīvikam adverb: “as long as life” = for as long as I live

  • jīvin: as a suffix: one whose life is characterised by
    e.g. dhamma-jīvin; pāpa-jīvin
  • ājīva: way of living; livelihood (as in sammā-ājīva)

Sammā-ājīva is most often translated as “livelihood” – how you earn a living. But could it be wider: how you live your life? Or both? 


James Whelan

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