Ajahn Barry Subhaddo’s online meditation class on Mondays

Summer Break

Online meditation and Buddhist teachings with Ajahn Barry Subhaddo

Ajahn Barry Subhaddo

Please note: There will be a break from these sessions until Monday 5th September when they will resume.

Ajahn Barry Subhaddo says:

I first came across Buddhism in Sri Lanka in 1973 whilst travelling from Australia back to the UK. When I arrived back I found the Buddhist Society in London which for me was a landmark in my life because Buddhism seemed to make complete sense to me.

After spending about a year and a half looking at the Tibetan tradition, the Theravada tradition and meditation in general, I went to a certified Rinzai Zen teacher not because it was Zen but because the teacher had been through the formal training in Japan.

After spending about twelve years in the Zen training, I met and felt a great admiration and affinity with Laung Por Sumedho.I moved into Amaravati monastery and took on the responsibility as co-manager of the retreat centre.

After spending about two and a half years as a layman in the monastery, I left and started up my gardening business again but after a while I felt that I had to ordain as a Bhikkhu so I spent eighteen years in the monastic system.

I now have moved to southern Spain where I live a remote and quiet lifestyle. I disrobed in 2019.

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