Dalai Lama’s Advice for Living, Dying

Dalai Lama 3‘Passing through life, progressing to old age and eventually death, it is not sufficient to just take care of the body. We need to take care of our emotions as well.’ The Dalai Lama

‘In daily life, before death actually happens, it’s important to accept that sooner or later death will come.’ The Dalai Lama

In No Regrets: Advice for Living and Dying His Holiness the Dalai Lama addresses the profound importance of preparing for dying and how to live a meaningful life. This video provides a rare insight in HHDL as he gives advice to the terminally ill, medical professionals and general public on issues, including grief and loss and emotional and spiritual support at the end of life. Filmed in Australia at Karuna Hospice Service, HHDL brings compassion, practical advice and wisdom to outline the path for a fulfilling life and a peaceful death.

Karuna Hospice Service 2008

Buddhist Film
34 minutes

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Golden Buddha Centre

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