Three Dharma Gates to Buddhism by Bhante Bodhidhamma

Bhikkhu BodhidhammaThree Dharma Gates to Buddhism by Bhante Bodhidhamma, a talk given at the Golden Buddha Centre, Totnes on Sunday 14th May 2017. (About 30 minutes)

Bhante Bodhidhamma started training in Soto Zen in 1977, then in the Mahasi Theravada Tradition with Sayadaws U Rewata Dhamma, U Janaka and U Pandita. In 1986 he ordained, subsequently spending eight years at Kanduboda Mahasi Meditation Centre in Sri Lanka.

In 2002 Bhante founded the Satipanya Buddhist Retreat in Wales, a meditation centre devoted to the Mahasi tradition.

Buddhism in Totnes.

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