History of Buddhist Bronzes

History of Buddhist Bronzes © Christie'sAsian Art specialist Tristan Bruck introduces a collection of Chinese and Korean Buddhist bronzes that tell the story of religious art in Asia across 600 years, from the 4th century to the 10th century AD.

(around 4 minutes.)

From a 4th-century Buddhist statue with Indian and Greco-Roman origins that traces the path of Alexander the Great’s conquests, to a later, more idealised representation of Buddha, the collection provides ‘a window into the private lives of people who lived 1500 years ago’.

For more on My passion: Buddhist bronzes by Tristan Bruck click here.

© Christie’s

A short film (4 minutes) on the history of Buddhist bronzes by an Asian art specialist at Christie’s New York. The film was made for an exhibition (September 2017) on early Buddhist art from Japanese collections. It consists of Chinese and Korean bronzes that tell a story of religious art in Asia from the 4th to the 10th century AD.

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