Film: A talk by Ajahn Sumedho

Ajahn SumedhoFilm: This is the latest recorded talk of Ajahn Sumedho on 4th May 2019 at a monastery in Singapore.

He covers many topics, centring on meditation and the nature of thought.

He then goes on to talk about idealism, his time in the Peace Corps, his involvement in various peace groups, and about one’s true nature being, in fact, peace itself, ‘That, he says, is a reality; it isn’t a fake kind of peace.’

Finally, he answers questions on ‘the sound of silence’, something that came to him early in his life as a monk, and on how to deal with chronic pain.

Ajahn Sumedho, now in his 80’s, is an outstanding dharma teacher who never thinks of himself as a teacher at all, but merely expresses the dharma spontaneously.

The film runs for 90 minutes.

Theravada Buddhism in Totnes.

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