Host and Guest – from The Surangama Sutra

Seated-Buddha © President and Fellows of Harvard CollegeEveryday Buddhism:

To instruct Ananda and the others in the great assembly, he [The Buddha] said, “After my awakening, I went to the Deer Park, where, for Ajnatakaundinya’s sake and for the other four monks, and also for all of you in the four assemblies, I said that beings in their multitudes have not become Arhats, nor have they become fully awake, because they are confused by afflictions that are like visitors and like dust. What in particular, at that time, caused the five of you to awaken and become sages?”

The Buddha said,

When the sun has just come up, early on a clear fresh morning, a morning after rain, the sun shines through a crack in the door or perhaps a crack in the wall, and it displays the fine bits of dust bobbing up and down in space, moving all around in the sunshine. If the sun doesn’t shine in the crack, you can’t see the dust, although there is actually a lot of dust everywhere. But while the dust moves, bobbing up and down, space is still.

Read the whole of ‘The Host and Guest’ — From The Surangama Sutra, by clicking here.

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